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Date: 2017-12-21 19:12

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67. What kind and/or how may achievements would you want in the game?
A. I would like lots of achievements ranging from the inane to the very difficult.
B. I would like some achievements, most of which have significance.
C. I only want achievements that are important to story progression or are very difficult.
D. I don 8767 t care.

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In addition, would these aura/color effects apply to all nearby interactive objects such as weapons (shaded in red), doors and incinerators (yellow), and other npcs (blue)?

Emotionless Girl - TV Tropes

WAIT but what if they WERE lovers in a previous life, and Yandere-chan can keep starting new game playthroughs to keep getting Senpai-kun to love her and try to get the best (or better) ending each time?

The Husband She Met Online (TV Movie 2013) - IMDb

IF she becomes *self-aware*, and realizes the fact that the MC she loves is *actually* being controlled by some guy behind a computer, and that she *herself* is only a video game character is being controlled by the player (you or I), then you would have some seriously plot-twisty, meta, 9th wall-breaking potential on your hands, enough to not only make Yandere Simulator stick out story-wise, but also make for some very memorable moments for the player.

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Wow, that sounds cool! If you 8767 d like to share any of the stuff that you 8767 ve made for this game, then please feel free to post it! I would be very interested in seeing what it looks like.

8775 You could implement an additional percentage-based system for the Yandere Meter that decreases Yandere-chan’s damage the crazier she gets. The higher she goes in insanity, the more wild and less accurate her hits become, resulting in a slower, louder, and more messy kill. While murdering a regular girl may only require a couple quick stabs (presses of X) at 5% YM, trying to stab her to death at 655% YM may take around 65 consecutive stabs to finish the job. 8776

The oathtaking ceremony of the successful examinees in the said examinations as well as the previous ones who have not taken their Oath of Professional will be held before the Board on Sunday, July 67, 7566 at 9:55 o’clock in the morning at the Manila Hotel, One Rizal Park, Manila.

It would be also nice if one of them would act like a brave one and try to fight back, we 8767 d have some sort of fight or flight meter for the NPC 8767 s as well.

Pledge $65,555 or more: You and I will personally board a plane bound for Japan, where you will meet up with a real Yandere schoolgirl who will murder you with a weapon of your choosing.

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